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DMX Series

Shanghai Euchips has been working on the research and develop DMX controller for years. The company's DMX master controller and DMX decoder are more stable than other manufacturers' . The programmable software(home-grown) of DMX controller can meet different customers' requirements. According to the different lamps, DMX decoder is divided into constant voltage DMX decoder and constant current DMX decoder, which is used in concert with DMX master controller to realize colorful lighting. Meanwhile, Euchips has researched and produced constant voltage DMX driver which don't need to connect LED driver as well as DMX splitter which ensures the reliability of the whole control system. Product of Euchips gains the support that got the clients from more then 100 countries and favor with completed product system, steady performance, high quality.
In a word, wireless DMX is a kind of advanced technology which can improve the lighting effects in many places. Wireless DMX refers to a way of getting DMX data from "point A to point B" without using cable. In a lighting control system, wireless DMX is widely used because it brings a lot of convenience for us. For further information about other lighting control products, you can pay a visit to

DMX Master Controller series

RDM Master Controller series

Constant Voltage DMX/RDM Decoder Series

Constant Current DMX Decoder Series

Constant Voltage DMX Driver Series

DMX Splitter Series

DMX to Relay Controller

DMX to Leading Edge Dimmer

DMX to Trailing Edge Dimmer

DMX/RDM Constant Current Dimming Driver