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Shanghai Four Seasons Hotel

Four Seasons Hotel Shanghai offers luxurious, comfortable, leisure, considerate, personalized service to customers.

Helping customers to go shopping is a special service of Shanghai Four Seasons Hotel.

Because the customers are unfamiliar of shanghai, the professional servicers give them some good shopping suggestions.

Four Seasons Hotel Shanghai uses DMX decoder and 0-10v dimmable drivers to work,Main products are PX24501,DIM107H-12.

The following products are applied in this case

Based on 2.4GHz

Controller control the LEDs by the wireless zones receiver, base on 2.4GHz wireless control, no wiring trouble, user experience the free and fun of the wireless control!

Support multi-zones control

Support 4 zones(only DX5, DX6, DX7, DX8), different zones can be in different control without wiring, easily and simple for engineering installation.

DMX512 Output

Support DMX512 output, can be used as a master, control DMX lamps.

Humanized touch circle

Equipped with single color, two colors or colorful touch circle .adopt high accuracy Capacitive touch control chip, increases touch sensitivity and decreases mistaken triggering. Makes LED dimming and color chosen more humanized.

Installed in standard 86 boxes

Professional shell design combined with sealed PCB, super easy to install & remove. Unlike the similar ones in the market. Which needs to take the controller apart while installation, the PCB will be exposed and easily damaged during this course.

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