2.4G Wireless RGBW Controller

Recently, Euchips released a new product. This product is a high-performance RGBW controller, adopting the most advanced 2.4G wireless technology, controlling RGBW LED fixtures, owning 4ch constant voltage output(the maximum output current is 5A per channel) and 10 preset programs to choose. The 2.4G RGBW controller has the characteristics of long distance transmission, low power consumption, etc.


Choosing Color for Your Presentation


The 2.4G RGBW controller looks fashionable and elegant, with simple and practical functions of brightness dimming, color change, and color-temperature adjustment, users can use it very easily.

Small Body but Big Power


The small size of LED controller is very available for narrow installation environment. Small body but big power. The output power is 384W.


Code Matching or Clearing


You don’t need to switch off the power when you are matching or clearing the code, just easily press the key, it will be done.


Post time: Dec-21-2018
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