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Adjust your DMX Lighting Control System

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  When you adjust your DMX lighting control system, you need to carefully consider what you want to achieve with triac dimmer. In the following section, you will get some useful questions to ask yourself. What kind of spaces, acts, and events will I be lighting? What kind of ambience do I want to create? Exciting? Dramatic? Mysterious? Soothing? Solemn? Will I be lighting indoor or outdoor events or both? Will there be access to AC power; how many outlets and how much amperage will my lighting require? Regarding the last question, if you’ll be handling your own lighting during performances, features such as remote control, foot pedal control, and programmability will be important considerations.

  In generally, most DMX lighting control system either worked by electrically heating a filament or sending an electrical discharge through a gas or plasma to create artificial light. Filament-type lights range from the ordinary household light bulb to powerful halogen lamps. The most common gas discharge lighting is the ordinary fluorescent tube. While both types are still very commonly found in all kinds of lighting applications, LED technology has made big inroads in recent years,such as triac dimmer in DMX lighting control system. Inexpensive LED fixtures typically have smaller, low-power LEDs while larger, high-end fixtures are equipped with one-watt or three-watt diodes for much more impact.

  What’s more, Let us look at DMX lighting control system’s advantages and disadvantages in comparison with traditional lighting system. DMX lighting fixtures and effects use far less electrical power than filament-based lamps with triac dimmer. Aside from their obvious environmental benefits, LEDs offer a big advantage when performing in venues with limited electrical circuits. Having your traditional lighting fixtures trip the venue’s circuit breakers in mid-performance is an embarrassment to be avoided at all costs! You can usually connect several LED fixtures to a 20-amp circuit without fear of an inadvertent blackout.

  DMX lighting control system fixtures produce little heat making for a much more comfortable performing experience. They eliminate the potential for burns and damage to adjacent gear that can be inflicted by super-hot halogen lamps. Many stage lighting and effects fixtures contain multiple red, green, and blue (RGB) LEDs. Besides, if you want to learn more about DMX lighting control system, you can enter the website of shanghai Euchips at