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Architectural LED lighting in buildings with DMX decoder

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The building, Jiangsu Grand Theatre has applied the RGB LED panels, DMX decoder and triac dimmer, supplied and installed by shanghai Euchips. This building is not completed yet. But the lighting control system is already used DMX lighting and other light control systems. In this way, Jiangsu Grand Theatre can not only acquire a beautiful light effect, but also save a large amount of energy and time. But why does this large project choose shanghai Euchips as a business partner? The reason is simple that this light supplier is more reliable and famous than some light fixture suppliers. In the following section, author will introduce this company in detail.

At the end of last year, 2016 China Intelligent Building Brand Awards have been awarded to shanghai Euhcips. In 15th December 2016, the 17th China International Building Intelligence Summit is started. Many famous DMX decoder suppliers had joined this summit including shanghai Euchips. The main topic of this summit is intelligent building and smart home. It is an honor to take part in this meeting, not to mention wining 2016 China Intelligent Building Brand Awards. Luckily, shanghai Euchips has joined and won an award at the same time. Our company has won the award because of the high quality DMX decoder and other light devices, like triac dimmer. Besides, this summit can be divided into Intelligence, Health & Security Housing and Commercial Building Intelligent Innovation.

Our company sponsored the last part of the 17th China International Building Intelligence Summit. In this summit, the Euchips Mr. Yan given a speech and share the topic of “Intelligent Lighting Technology and Application”. In his speech, he pointed out that lighting is an important part in people’s daily life. Moreover, with the development of light technology, there are various light fixtures in people’s life. And people also have a high standard on lighting. Hence, our company has produces a lot of light devices to bring convenience to people. For instance, DMX decoder and triac dimmer play a significant role in daily life. Hence, people are able to use these light products to save energy at home and office.

To sum up, the application of DMX decoder in Jiangsu Grand Theatre is a right choice. As for a visitor, he wants to receive a satisfying light effect. And for the Jiangsu Grand Theatre, it would like to save some energy during the performance. Combine these two factor, choose a reliable light fixture manufacture is very important. Shanghai Ecuhips will not let you down. You can get more information about DMX decoder at At the same time, you could get a reasonable price if wholesale.

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