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Can All Light Bulbs be Dimmed

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Speaking of LED dimmer, people may not be familiar with the word. However, LED dimmer has been widely applied in many applications actually. In stage lighting, home lighting and commercial lighting, LED dimmer switch often plays an important role in adjusting the lighting brightness and colors. Not only the LED lights can be dimmed by LED dimmer, but also traditional incandescent or halogen light bulbs can be dimmed, too. Can all light bulbs be dimmed? For example, can LED strips be dimmed? The answer is yes. LED strips can be dimmed by LED strip dimmers.

Dimmer switches are useful for setting a mood, creating lower light situations at night while still maintaining visibility, lowering energy costs, and just generally controlling the ambience and environment. Though traditional lights and LED lights can be dimmed by LED dimmers or incandescent bulb dimmers, not all light bulbs are compatible with dimmer switches and it can be confusing for homeowners. Dimming switches work by affecting the voltage and not the wattage. With the incorrect dimming switch, certain light bulbs will get the wrong voltage and create problems. Therefore, the most important for LED strip installation is that choose the LED strip dimmer compatible with other lighting devices.  

Usually, LED strip refers to the strip LED assembly on FPC (flexible printed circuit board) or PCB board. As the product is shaped like a band, it has the name of LED strip. It has long life (normal life expectancy of 800,000 to 100,000 hours). It emerge in a variety of decorative industries because it is energy saving. Added the application of LED strip dimmer, more energy can be saved and more costs can be reduced.

In addition to LED strip dimmer, there are other kinds of LED dimmers in the market. Different types and specifications have different applications. Do you want to change the lighting effects at home or in the office? Do you want to save more energy can costs? LED dimmer is a good choice for you. Also, LED controllers and LED drivers are the other two necessities. If there is a need of any kind of lighting control devices, Euchips is willing to provide the most suitable products for you.

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