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Can You Image a Taxi with Nine thousand LED lights

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As Christmas is coming, many people start to decorate their homes and trees with LED lights. Recently, a taxi driver uses nine thousand LED lights to cover his taxi car. After the decoration of LED lights, his beloved car was glaring and striking. Usually, LED lights are controlled by LED controller. However, LED lights on this taxi car can’t be controlled by LED controller because of the link methods. By the way, people may also want to know how to choose a high quality LED light. Hence, the next section will tell people how to buy a healthier LED light.

One way to buy high quality LED light is to judge the CRI. Incandescent light bulbs and candles have the same CRI of sunlight as a CRI of 100. In fact, we just need to buy a LED light has a CRI of about 97. We can get a natural light after the installation of a CRI of about 97. The color temperature is an important factor during the choosing progress. Physical color temperature and correlated color temperature are two different kinds of color temperature. Physical color temperature refers to the temperature of LED light in K degrees. It means that the source is as hot as the color temperature given. For instance, Incandescent lamps have a color temperature of 3,000 k, and they also have a temperature of 3,000 k at their surfaces. Correlated color temperature is a measurement that shows the light source in human’s eyes.

Although a light appears the same as a LED light, it does not have the same quality. Meanwhile, LED controller is invented to controlled LED lights. It is not suitable to other lights, such as incandescent light bulbs. Then, how to find out a good LED light? First of all, you have to test whether the LED light flicker. If a LED light is fairly inexpensively, it must be a bad LED light. Next, you have to find a reliable LED light brand, like shanghai Euchips. Finally, remember these rules in in mind, you can buy high quality LED light. Besides, you still need to learn some professional knowledge about LED light before you purchase this light device.

To sum up, using LED lights to decorate car is an amazing idea. At the same time, people may want to know more suggestions about how to purchase high quality LED light. There are three points during this purchasing progress. You need to remember these suggestions in mind before you buy LED light. Meanwhile, if you are interested in LED controller, you can find shanghai Euchips for more information.

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