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An Easy Way to Control Your LED Lights with Wireless Dimmer Switch

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Shanghai Euchips recently launched a self-powered wireless dimmer switch EN43-MRC3. This equipment makes the control of LED lights easier and people don’t need to worry about how to dim LED lights. This wireless dimmer switch doesn’t need extra power supply. By the way, the maintenance of this dimmer switch is free and easy. As an efficient dimmer switch, this device can be used as a wall dimmer switch and a remote controller. It means that you just need to buy only one device, but enjoy two perfect functions. Many people will be interested in this wireless dimmer switch. Therefore, this article will give you a specific description of this light device. 

At first, let us know the basic features of this wireless dimmer switch. This light switch requires 433MHz emission frequency. You need to know the effective transmission distance of this device is 30m and how to dim led lights. If your control distance out of this distance, you can’t control the brightness of your LED lights. Hence, you must remember it in mind. What’s more, this wireless dimmer switch doesn’t need batteries. So you don’t have to change the batteries anymore. Besides, the life span of wireless dimmer switch is more than 100,000 hours. What an efficient dimmer switch! Many people may want to know the application of this wireless dimmer switch and use it immediately. The next part will introduce the installation of this dimmer switch

Moreover, the installation of this wireless dimmer switch is also easy to learn. Firstly, you need to know deeply of your home circuit. Then, you need to buy double-sided adhesive paste. This item is necessary during the installation of this wireless dimmer switch. The switch panel of this wireless dimmer switch applies magnetic adsorption on the surface. Wireless dimmer switch uses advanced technology in the production standards, hence the usage experience of this device is better than the traditional one. If you still confused in the installation of wireless dimmer switch and how to dim led lights, you can consult in shanghai Euchips. Our company will answer your question about wireless dimmer switch EN43-MRC3. At the same time, you can get more information about the features of this device. 

If you already have bought this wireless dimmer switch, you could sooner opt for this dimmer switch in a long time. It is a useful and easy-to-use light device and you will not upset to use this light device in your home. Besides, if you are not satisfied in this wireless dimmer switch, you can also learn more information about other light device, such as DMX series and DALI series. In addition, if you wholesale these light devices, you can get a discount as well.

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