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DALI Driver and Realistic Version of the QQ Farm

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See this title, will you feel weird? Is it true that DALI dimmable driver and LED lights can make you have a realistic version of the QQ farm? How can it be! Now, the high-rise buildings are occupying a large area of land. As permanent residents gradually increased, the cost of land is high especially in first-tier cities. Even the housing prices have become a problem. How can we expect a block of private land which can support a variety of vegetables and flowers! Therefore, a few years ago, steal food  game which developed by Tencent was very hot. We can see there are many people want to have a quiet space to plant vegetables.

Now, with the development of LED lights and lighting control device, it is possible that we can have a private garden with a combination of LED lights and dimming power. Especially in nowadays, DALI driver technology has a rapid development and the innovation has made great convenience for people. And this real-life version QQ farm in foreign countries is under research and will be launched in February next year. Are you excited?

Since DALI dimmer and DALI dimmable driver can work together to achieve a smooth, flicker-free dimming effect, they are suitable to be used in the lighting system for the farm. With the advantages like simple design, rich lighting control modes and flexible configuration, I believe the DALI LED driver is sure to be handy in practical use.

It is reported that the LED lights driven by DALI dimmable driver can stimulate plant photosynthesis and build self-sufficiency indoor mini ecosystem, enabling users to grow vegetables indoors. The color temperature of full-spectrum natural LED lights ranges from 2000K to 5000K and can mimic the sun's rays. The entire ecosystem can be adjusted up or down, in accordance with the requirements of users. Also, the DALI driver can work together with the DALI LED dimmer to adjust the illumination intensity according to the growth situation of the plants.

With the DALI driver and DALI dimmer, we can realize our dream of having a farm at home. All kinds of plants like vegetables and flowers can be planted and we can enjoy the green life with abandon.

Do you want to have your own farm? Do you want to enjoy the convenient and green life DALI dimmable driver brings you? You can click and make an inquiry right now! We promise you will find all what you need for making a farm indoors here. If you also want to buy other equipment like LED controller and dimmer, you can also go to Euchips.

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