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Different Kinds of Widely-used LED Dimming

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With the popularization of LED lights, it is common to see LED light dimmer switch in our life. LED light dimmer switch has a wide application in stage lighting and commercial lighting. In order to adjust the light brightness, LED light dimmer switch is necessary. However, do you know how many dimming methods there are? What are the features of each kind of LED dimming modes?

1. TRIAC dimming
TRIAC dimming is a simple way to manage your dimmable LED lights. TRIAC is a generic trademark for a three terminal electronic component that conducts current in either direction when triggered. To install a TRIAC transformer, all you have to do is simply wire your dimmable LED lights to the transformer’s output. Then connect its input to a standard household mains LED light dimmer switch. TRIAC dimming is designed for resistive loads such as LED lights.

2. 0-10V dimming
A 0-10V lighting control system works by varying the DC voltage supplied to your LEDs. That is to say, in a 0-10V dimming system, the voltage can change from o volt to 10 volt. Once you install a 0-10V LED light dimmer switch in your lighting control system, multiple receivers can be linked together, enabling you to synchronize large amounts of dimmable LED tape.

3. DMX dimming
DMX refers to Digital Multiplex. This kind of LED dimming is a method and technology used by stage and lighting professionals to control lighting instruments originally. In modern society, DMX lighting is also widely used for stage lighting. The channels for each DMX LED strip receiver are set by DIP switches on the side of the unit, using 9 binary switches.

4. DALI dimming
DALI dimming was originally developed as a successor to 0-10V systems in the past. In nowadays, DALI dimming systems are often used in hotels, offices and large stores. DALI dimming is a LED dimming that can let you override general settings with smaller LED dimmers in each room or zone.

These are not all of the LED dimming modes. There are many types of LED light dimmer switches. Each kind of LED dimming has its own advantages. If you want to learn more about LED light dimmer and other lighting control devices, you can go to for further information. You can find a lot of high-quality LED dimmers, LED controllers and LED drivers here.
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