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Factors Affecting LED Dimmer Heat Radiation

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LED light dimmer, LED controller and LED driver are three of the most widely-used lighting control devices. The performance of the LED lighting control devices affects the lighting effects of the whole lighting systems. Also, the LED dimmer heat radiation also has something to do with the security and lighting effects of the lighting systems. If the heat dissipation is not timely, the internal components of the lighting control devices will be damaged. Here are some of the techniques to improve the heat dissipation:

1. Cross ventilation of the module
For the power module which can rely on convection and thermal radiation, the surrounding environment must facilitate cross ventilation. There should not be any large equipment around the device in the course of the layout block this equipment will facilitate air ventilation.

2. The layout of the heating device
The layout of the heating device also affects the LED dimmer heat radiation. The actual layout of the interior of the module should be designed scientifically in case of the mutual between devices and thermal radiation between the power supply modules.

3. PCB board design
There is an important component in the power supply LED light dimmer switch interior composition. That is PCB board. We can increase the surface area and density control of the above components to improving module above the heat dissipation area and cooling channels. The design of PCB board is an important link in the LED dimmer heat radiation.

In addition to the LED dimmer heat radiation, there are also many other factors which can affect the working performance of the LED light dimmer switch. Apart from LED dimmer, there are many other lighting control devices which are playing an important role in the lighting systems. It is common to see DMX decoder, TRIAC dimmer and LED drivers in the stage lighting and commercial lighting.

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