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Three Main Frequently Asked Questions About DMX Controller

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With the development of living standard, people have higher and higher requirements on lighting effects. In order to achieve the best lighting effects, a lot of lighting control devices like DMX controller and LED dimmer have been put in use in our life. If you don’t know what DMX controller is, here are some DMX controllers FAQs you might be interested in.

1. What is DMX?
Speaking of DMX, many people many not know too much about the word. However, it has stepped into our everyday life for many years. DMX is an acronym for Digital Multiplex. It is a communication protocol (a set of rules) used to remotely control lighting dimmers and intelligent fixtures. It is designed to provide a common communications standard between these lighting devices regardless of the manufacturer.

2. What is DMX controller?
DMX controller is often designed in accordance with DMX 512 protocol. The DMX 512 signal is a set of 512 separate intensity levels (channels) that are constantly being updated. The interface of the DMX controller often adopts tempered glass material. Therefore, it has stylish appearance. Usually, DMX controller is controlled by touchable button and slider key with system. In addition, DMX controller has advanced power management system and enters standby status.

3. How to buy high-quality DMX controller?
Among all DMX controllers FAQs, people are concerned about the question most. In order to buy high-quality DMX controller, a reliable DMX controller manufacturer is necessary. A reliable DMX controller manufacturer is able to tell you what products are the most suitable for you. Also, a reliable manufacturer can provide high-quality products with the most competitive price.

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