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How to Change a Kitchen Light Dimmer Switch

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Many people think that the application of replacing light dimmer switch is very important to the kitchen. Without light dimmer switch in light dimmer circuit, the light in kitchen can’t work as normal. This skill is very easy to learn and the level of this application is beginner level. If you want to have the best performance, you need to employ a licensed electrician. Before the replacement of dimmer switch in kitchen, you need to find basic electricians pouch hand tools and a simple voltage tester. Besides, you have to know well about the using method of these tolls. Let us go to the specific steps of the application of dimmer switch, after get the basic information about the replacement of dimmer switch in kitchen.

At first, you need to identify the light dimmer circuit. Tag light dimmer circuit with a notice before working with the channel. You should write “turn off” in the notice to remind of the turn power off. Next, you need to study the standard of the wiring, because each local and national electrical has a permit. Installing light dimmer switch in the light dimmer switch should inspect the electrical code as well. And you have to buy new dimmer switch from a famous light dimmer switch supplier, like shanghai Euchips. This light products supplier offers high quality dimmer switch. You can buy the replacement dimmer switch from our company. By the way, you should ensure that the new dimmer switch has the same standard of the old one. In this way, the replacement dimmer switch can fit the requirement of the light dimmer switch and work normally.

Then, you need to cut off the electrical power and install the dimmer switch. The most important thing is to ensure the power is turn off. You must use the voltage tester to check every channel in the light dimmer circuit. Be sure to check all the string connections in the box before you change the dimmer switch in kitchen. Afterwards, you can open the box and take out the old dimmer switch. Also, don’t forget to install the replacement dimmer switch into the junction box. And you should link the correct wire of the dimmer switch in the light dimmer circuit. Check to see the channels are wired through the installed dimmer switch. 

Last but not least, you can turn on the electrical power of the light dimmer circuit. Check out the function of the replacement of dimmer switch. If it is work, you can enjoy the light effect of the light. Otherwise, you should find out which part is wrong and correct it. In addition, if you want to learn more about the application of dimmer switch, you can get more information about this device in shanghai Euchips.

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