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How to Control Your LED Lights with the Euchips Dimmer Switch

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The Euchips lighting control system is really simple to control with the dimmer switch. The Euchips dimmer switch is exactly awesome and easy to add into your lighting control system. Recently, the new constant current NFC programmable LED dimmable driver and the latest lighting control system from Ecuhips have been exhibited in several international lighting fairs, such as Hong Kong, Dubai, Russia International fairs. Besides, the dimmer switches made by Euchips are excellent and well-used as well. In order to have a deep understanding about this dimmer switch, let us take a look at how it works in lighting control system.

Smart dimmer switches are wonderful and lots of people are fans of our Euchips lighting control system. However, there are many people that still using traditional light switch to control their lighting control system. When people want to turn on the lamps, they can finish this goal without a physical switch on the wall. Actually, they control the lamps with RGBW Remote control light switch RC16. This dimmer switch makes lighting control more convenient and easier. Besides, this remote control light switch is available to dim the color and brightness of lamps. With this kind of light switch, people don’t have to find the physical switch in dark. If you want to buy this remote control dimmer switch, you can consult some message at Euchips. 

Initially, Euchips invented this kind of dimmer switch to meet people’s need. After the promotion of Remote control light switch RC16, this dimmer switch is quickly installed into Euchips lighting control system, like DMX series and DALI series. Usually, the traditional lighting switch buttons were very easy to broken with long time usage. However, the remote control light switch RC16 doesn’t have this problem at all. The best thing about the remote control light switch is that the surface is totally easy to use in home. Thanks to the invention of Euchips, this new dimmer switch fixes the shortcoming of traditional light switch. It is use battery to operate the device. There are several choices on the button. People can adjust the brightness and color of the lamps according to their requirements. 

In addition, Euchips is concerned to the price at the same time. The remote light switch will not cost you too much money. By the way, if you want to wholesale this light switch, you will get some discounts from Euchips. Having introduced this new light device and highlighted the function of this light switch, let us have a look at this light switch at Remember, your light control system needs a smart light switch to control the lamps. 

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