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How to Set the Address for DMX Decoder Board

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If people want to know more information about DMX control, they need to know some basic rules of the installation of DMX decoder. It is well-known that DMX series is an amazing light control system. This system allows people to control lots of light fixtures. However, there are various factors to ensure the normal work of DMX decoder. The most important factor is the address for DMX decoder board. Many people want to know how to set the address for DMX decoder board, because they find the DMX decoder in everywhere, like home and office. Most people are not familiar with the address for DMX decoder board. They have no idea about the address of DMX decoder board. Typically, this mission is complex and difficult. But this article is going to make it as simple as possible and informative.

Step one is selecting right switch number. Every dip switch number is designed for a DMX wire value. You have to create a simple table which portrays the relationship among dip switch number to DMX wire value. For instance, Dip switch 10 is invented for testing and has no value. You will only use numbers one to nine in this DMX decoder board address. After you select the right dip switch, you can start to set your DMX decoder board address. But how to set the address for DMX decoder board that is a question. In fact, when you set the beginning DMX decoder address of given light fixtures, you are already set the start point of DMX decoder signal. In the single DMX series, there are totally 512 channels. You must calculate how many wires need to be cut off after set the first fixture on DMX decoder. 

Next, if you want to install RGB LED controller, it requires total three DMX channels. These channels are red, green and blue one. Then, the RGB LED controller will start on DMX channel 4. If you look at the table above, you will flip that controller light switch to “on”. It is similar to the set step of Address-004. You can find the value of set DMX decoder board address. In order to improve the function of DMX decoder, shanghai Euchips advices you to set a right and suitable DMX decoder board address. You will find it is important to learn how to set the address for DMX decoder board. 

All in all, how to set the address for DMX decoder board is not very difficult and complex if you follow the above suggestion. If you still confused about the method of set DMX decoder address, you can look for help from shanghai Euchips. Our company will provide useful information of the way to set DMX decoder address. Please enter our company with a slight click at

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