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Improve Your Lighting Level with DMX Decoder

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Intelligent lighting refers to the application of DMX decoder in LED driver circuit. This lighting control system is very professional and practical and always used to control stage effects and lighting. If you want to hold a wonderful party, it is worth to install DMX decoder in home lighting control system. This application of intelligent lighting device will improve your lighting level and effect. While, someone may confuse about the meaning of intelligent lighting, shanghai Euchips would like to tell him that intelligent lighting means controlling lighting devices remotely. And lighting level always contains a moving head, patterns and colors. Using DMX decoder improves the lighting level. Simply put, intelligent lighting is extremely good and excellent. 

Generally, DMX intelligent lighting control is used in Halloween and Christmas. But what is a DMX decoder? DMX decoder is designed in conformity to DMX512. This electrical device is able to control the light with a light color selected mechanism. Shanghai Euchips produces high quality DMX decoder. Sanya Hilton Hotel and the Westin Xiamen have already applied this electrical device. Hence, you can convince the quality of DMX decoder. Usually, this DMX lighting product is installed in LED driver circuit. Besides, DMX decoder can’t be used under serious weather effects, like pyrotechnics. Therefore, people should pay attention to the maintenance of DMX decoder and DMX512 controller. Only in this way, the lifespan of DMX decoder will be long.  

DMX512 allows up to 512 wires of control which is an important part in intelligent lighting. Before people install electrical devices in DMX512, they have to set a start address on this device. Some complex lights require to 12 different channels;a connection unit will influence the lighting effect. Hence, choosing a reliable combination is very vital and important. Intelligent devices can be set the same address. Then these devices can act perfect in LED driver circuit. Of course, you still need to care the device you chosen. For instance, you can buy DMX512 from shanghai Euchips. This lighting manufacture will provide you suitable lighting devices. Therefore, you don’t have to bother about this subject. 

Are you interested in the world of intelligent lighting? Let us know if you have already done preparation on this subject. It is a funny and amazing event. By the way, intelligent lighting will be a hot trend in the future. You can learn more information about the elements in this lighting control system. Except to DMX decoder in LED driver circuit, there are also some other DMX series you need to know. If you have a need, please don’t hesitate to contact our company by

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