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We Need Intelligent DMX Lighting Controller in Our Life

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Have you ever watched a live show? If so, I think you will be shocked by the beautiful lighting changes according to the scenes of the show. The brightness and colors of the LED lights are changeable and all these changes are controlled by DMX lighting controller. The intelligent DMX lighting controller is able to give us a visual feast.

Before I introduce intelligent DMX lighting controller, I think I should tell you something about DMX firstly. DMX is a communication protocol that is most commonly used in theatrical lighting. Created by the entertainment industry, it has a common language for lighting controllers to speak to lighting devices such as light dimmers. Intelligent DMX lighting controller refers to stage lighting that has automated or mechanical abilities beyond those of traditional, stationary illumination. Actually, DMX lighting controller is not only used for stage lighting now but also be used in other fields like landscape lighting and architecture lighting.

Why do we need intelligent DMX lighting controller? The most important reason should be the rapid development of the LED lighting technology. As LED lights have been widely used in our life, we expect more intelligent lighting like wireless remote control and so on. Now, most our dreams have come true. Intelligent DMX lighting controller can make our life more convenient and lighting effects can be more perfect. Similar to ordinary LED controller, intelligent DMX lighting controller controls LED lights through chip processing.

Adopting RF 2.4GHZ wireless transmission technology and dual-core drivers, no synchronization signal lines are needed between the DMX lighting controllers. Synchronize lighting changes can be realized and the full-color ring mode makes lights more colorful. In addition, color and lighting change scenarios have preset storage function. USB charging ports are equipped in an intelligent DMX lighting controller. In a word, intelligent DMX lighting controller has really many advantages and wide applications.

Therefore, if you are preparing the lighting solutions for the live show or many other places, you are in need of this kind of device. Used together with LED dimmer and LED driver, the LED controller can play a major role in lighting control. You need to wholesale high-quality LED controllers from a professional manufacturer of lighting control devices. I think Euchips is the one you are looking for. If you have any question and advice about Euchips or lighting control devices, you should pay a visit to and all your questions can be answered and problems can be solved here. Take action to make an inquiry right now! We promise you will get what you want to buy and wholesale.

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