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Introduction of LED Controller Classification

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When it comes to LED controller, we often think of stage lighting. Yes, LED lighting control technology was originally used in the stage lighting. One the stage, the different lighting effects can create different atmospheres and scenes. Therefore, we need lighting control devices including LED light dimmer, LED controller and LED driver to realize the different lighting effects. The LED controller classifications are as follows:

Speaking of LED controller classification, we can roughly divide LED controllers into low-voltage power controller and high-voltage power controller. Compared with low-voltage power LED controller, high-voltage power controller has a wider application. As there are a lot of neon lights in the cities, the LED controller is widely used in the urban constructions. As the common voltage in China is 220V, the LED controller voltage is also 220V. Under steady current, the LED controller can make the lighting devices perform better in the lighting systems.

Apart from low-voltage power controller and high-voltage power controller, there are also other lighting controllers in the market. The low-voltage serial controller uses serial signals to control the effects of the serial signal transmission.

In addition to LED controller, LED dimmer and LED driver also play an important role in the lighting control systems. LED dimmer can be used to adjust the lighting brightness of LED lighting products in the lighting system. An LED driver is analogous to the ballast in fluorescent lighting. The driver converts alternating current to direct current if required. It manages the incoming voltage and current to the voltage and current level requirements of the LED. Electronically, the driver is a small integrated circuit.

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