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LED Dimming Performance of a LED Dimmer Switch

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With the development of LED lighting technology, all kinds of LED lighting control devices have come into people’s horizon. In the past, people even didn't know what LED dimmer is. However, as time goes, LED lighting control devices like LED dimmer and LED controller have been widely put in use in all aspects of our life. Do you know why LED lighting control and dimming so important?

LEDs are energy efficient by design. Simply using LED lamps or fixtures can help a facility meet updated building and energy codes while reducing electrical consumption and cost. Then why worry about dimming LED lights? LED dimmer and LED controller maximize energy savings, extend system life, enhance flexibility, increase productivity, and provide a safe, comfortable environment for building occupants. In addition, LED dimming performance even affects the overall lighting effects.

What have been mentioned above is that LED dimmer can help to save more energy. Dimming LED lights, similar to the process with fluorescent sources saves energy at a roughly 1:1 ratio. This means that if you dim LEDs down to 50% of their light output, you save nearly 50% of the associated energy use. While it is true that LEDs are already very efficient compared to almost any other light source, you save even more energy by dimming them.

In addition, if LED dimming performance is perfect, LED lighting effects will be more perfect. As we have higher standards on lighting effects than before, we need LED dimmers to change the lighting brightness and colors.

Actually, LED dimming performance has a strong relationship between the types of lighting fixtures used in the lighting system. Also, the power generation will affect the LED dimming performance, too. If there is good compatibility between LED dimmers and lighting fixtures, the lighting effects can be the most perfect.

In addition to LED dimmer, LED driver and LED controller also play an important role in lighting control. If you are interested in LED lighting and dimming, Euchips is willing to communicate about the lighting control knowledge with you.

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