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LED Light Controller Working Principle

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With the development of science and technology, all kinds of lighting control devices have been popular in our everyday life. There are many types of lighting control devices in the market. LED light controllers are mainly used in the stage lighting originally. However, as people have higher requirements on home lighting and commercial lighting, LED light controllers have a wider application. Here is the introduction of LED controller working principle:

Controller is a product of higher overall performance with all the technology of microprocessor and modern power electronic, which can realize stress reduction or stress limitation effectively, prolong the service life in the lamp, cut down upkeep expenses and workload of maintenance. LED light controllers can be used for controlling the whole lighting systems and lighting products. LED light controllers can hold down the button directly when adjusting the brightness and speed.

There are many types of LED light controllers. For example, IR Remote controller with advanced PWM manage technologies is used to handle different constant voltage LED lamps and lanterns of RGB colour alter. DMX 512 controller adopts the advanced micro control unit, it receives standard DMX512 digital handle signal and transformed it into PWM signal for driving LED.

Apart from the LED light controllers, LED dimmer is also widely-used lighting control devices. LED light dimmer is used for adjusting the lighting brightness of the lighting products. LED driver is used as the driving power of the lighting systems.

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