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How Many LED Lighting Effects can be Achieved with Dimmer Light Switch

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  Many people would like to see different LED lighting effects which is achieved by dimmer light switch and other light dimmer equipment. But, how many lighting effect could be achieved by light switches? In the following section, you can know several types of lighting effects. Effect lights are generally defined as lights that use multiple beams and motion in order to create a desired effect. Effect lighting is intended to enhance a show, not to illuminate a particular area or person. Some lights in this category include moonflowers, gobo projectors, and classic ‘derby’ lights.

  No1. A Gobo LED lighting effect is a physical template, usually spherical in shape and made of metal or glass, that has slots or holes designed to control the shape of light beams that pass through it. The light source is either placed within or behind the gobo to create patterns that can be projected onto walls, floors, or ceilings. Some gobo-equipped projectors can change beam colors, and many have motors that rotate the gobo to create dynamic effects with dimmer light switch. Anyone who’s been in a dance club full of swirling patterned light beams has likely witnessed gobo lighting effects in action. Many different types of effects incorporate gobos that enhance their versatility.

  No2.Beam LED lighting effect has different colored lenses positioned around a central light source embedded in a spherical or half-spherical fixture, also known as a mushroom with dimmer light switch. Beam effects can have one or more motorized spheres spinning around the lamp continuously, Some can vary the direction of the spin based on sound received by a built-in microphone; for example, changing direction with each kick drum beat. When used in conjunction with fog, colored beams are extremely effective.

  No3 Flower LED lighting effect has standalone fixtures that usually allow you to adjust parameters such as beam color, gobo type, rotation, and lamp, all of which can then be controlled automatically by a built-in microphone. The effect can be set to rotate, remain static, or be triggered by specific audio frequencies. The lack of DMX control makes flower effects less suitable for larger venues, but their simple installation and operation make them very attractive for smaller locations as well as bands and DJs who control their own lighting with dimmer light switch.

  No4 Centerpiece effect is a fixture designed to be located in the center of a lighting rig, usually directly above a dance floor. Their designs are based on a central lamp surrounded by mirrors that reflect light in all directions. Various mirror types can be employed to change the appearance of the effect. They tend to work well alongside flower effects with dimmer light switch, and like them, control of color, direction, and gobo type are synced to audio via an internal mic.