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LED Strip Dimmer Switch Used in City Lighting

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As the conventional lighting products have been taken place by LED lights, more and more LED lights for decoration have been used. For example, LED strip is one of the decorative lights. LED strips are widely used in the decoration field in the cities. At night, we can always see the lighting shining in the cities and the cities appear to be colorful with the lighting of LED strips.

In order to get better lighting effects, LED strip dimmer switch is used in the lighting control system. Do you know why LED dimmer switch has so amazing features?

We all know that in order to change the light brightness, we need to change the current in the first place. LED light brightness often has directly proportional relationship with the current in a lighting system. Then how to change the current? The simplest way to adjust the current is to change sense resistor loaded with LED strips series. Almost all DC-DC constant current chip interfaces have a current detection voltage. It is used to control the current constant. But the value of the sense resistor is usually very small, so some chip provides a control voltage interface, changing the control voltage input. Finally, the output current value can be changed.

Learning the working principle of LED strip dimmer switch, will you be interested in the advantages of LED strip dimmer switch? LED strip dimmer switch can change the color and brightness of the LED strips according to your mood and the overall style of the architecture. We can easily control the LED strips with a LED strip dimmer switch. It is a gospel for people who are chasing for high-quality life.

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