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Understand LED Dimmer Switch Issues to insure the stability of light

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Energy saving is the main factor which drive consumers to replace LED dimmer switch with LED lamps. However, they are often finding that the performance of they’re expected can’t be achieved. As for some light dimmer switches are used with traditional triac dimmer. Let’s consider the LED dimmer switch problem and the necessities of a compatible light dimmer.

We will discuss the main factors for LED dimmer switch issues encountered with light dimmers. Traditional light dimmers are not designed for LED dimmers. There are no lighting industry standards that guide manufactures to produce the required triac dimmer. And the existing wiring substructure can limit the capabilities of light control systems. The current situation of light dimmer switch is meeting the customers’ requirements. In 2016, the LED light can capture almost 50 percent of the consumer market. Besides, the LED dimmer switch manufactures will produce the light fixtures according to energy saving. While the influence of LED lamps are the dominant state in the current light market. Hence, a problem among customers still need further education about these light products----they requires more specifically light dimmer switch. 

Many consumers prefer to automated dimming control devices, because these dimming control devices can reduce energy consumption and provide comfortable atmosphere. However, they found that almost all light dimmers at homes are not fitted with the new LED dimmer switch. It means that they have to replace the traditional light dimmers into triac dimmers. By the way, consumers also have to change the incandescent lamps into LED lamps, and apply a suitable light control system. 

When using an energy-saving LED lamp, the home owner generally expects an good experience from this light with LED dimmer switch. Although some LED lamps are regarded as compatible with incandescent dimmers, there are several problems exist in the using progress. Hence, the home owner would better apply LED lamps with triac dimmer and LED dimmer switch. They should keep the light control system in a unit. Otherwise, various problems will occur when you use an incandescent lamp with a LED dimmer. For instance, this match will reduce the lifespan of each light devices, including LED dimmer switch. It also will flick the lamps and get bad performance of the LED lamps.

To sum up, it is important to learn more information about LED dimmer switch before the installation. You can save a lot of energy after the application of LED dimmer switch at home. Besides, you will save the replacement bill of other light fixtures. If you wan to know more information about LED products, please enter our website at

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