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Learning More Knowledge about the Type of LED Dimmer

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In recent, people always talk about the function of LED dimmer. This topic seems hot recently. In order to learn more information of LED dimmer, this article will focus on the function of LED dimmer. As we all known, LED dimmer is a part of LED light system. It plays an important role in this system. And LED dimmer is always use in lights and lamps. People can’t see the real LED dimmer, but just its image or picture. That is true that people are not familiar with LED dimmer. With the development of technology, the LED dimmer has various types. In the following part, the type of LED dimmer will be expressed specifically.

When people talk about the type of LED dimmer, we often think of triac dimmer. This kind of LED dimmer usually uses thyristor as a switching device. And the function of this LED dimmer is like the following section. It works from a 0-phase AC voltage and waiting for user to turn on the LED light dimmer switch. Then the electrical power will be send to the circuit. Only if this action is done, could the LED dimmer work normal. Therefore, the function of this LED dimmer will show in the LED light. Besides, LED dimmer switch has played a vital role in the LED light system. And, after the electrical power was sent, the triac dimmer was waiting for the trigger turn on. This is the information about triac dimmer.

The next LED dimmer is DALI dimmer. It is a special device for lamp control. In the same time, this is another kind of LED dimmer. The function of this LED dimmer is similar with triac dimmer. control gear, control devices and bus power supplies are three parts of DALI light system. And this system belongs to a special organization. Only the member of this DALI system can use this technology. Euchips is one of the members in this system. Thus, this company has the opportunity to produce DALI dimmer. If you are interested in Euchips, you can search it from internet.

To sum up, the type of LED dimmer is various. There are merely two types in this article. While, if you want to know more information about LED dimmer and the function of LED dimmer, you could get more from It is a famous LED dimmer producer. And its products are high duality.

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