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Programmable DMX Lighting Controller Application and Design Methods

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With the increasingly serious energy crisis, there is no doubt that LED lights are important products which can relieve the crisis because of good energy saving performance. In addition, brightness of each LED light adjustable is the basis for intelligent and energy-saving control. In order to achieve the LED light brightness adjustment, it is necessary to develop the current adjustable and programmable DMX lighting controller.

A programmable DMX lighting controller can change the speed, time, synchronized, synchronous and asynchronous of the flash of lighting. Usually, the programmable LED controller has good scalability and multiple dashboard combination synchronous, asynchronous run higher requirements based on user needs.

The programmable DMX lighting controller is often used for stage lighting because the stage lighting has higher requirements on the light color and brightness changes. Different performances are in need of different lighting effects. For example, the soft music should be accompanies with soft light but the rock music should have the light which can flash with the beat.

In addition to the stage lighting, programmable DMX lighting controller can also be used in hotel lighting. If you have lived in a hotel before, you must have known that the lighting can be controlled by a button or card. Actually, the whole lighting control system adopts LED dimmer to adjust the light brightness and LED controller to control the whole lighting control system. With a programmable DMX lighting controller installed in a circuit, the lights can change the lighting effects according to you mood.

The design and installation of a programmable controller need to follow the following instructions:
1. Specify the type of instruction, the format and function of each instruction number and instructions.
2. Initial overall design: such as overall circuit arrangement, the connection relationship between the components.
3. Draw instruction flowchart to mark which part should do what kind of operations.
4. Choreography operating schedule is needed and a lot of experiments need to be done to verify the integrity, timing and efficiency of the DMX lighting controller.

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