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Lighting Control Devices and Lighting Control Solutions

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As people have been pursuing high-quality lighting effects, many traditional incandescent light bulbs are phased out as they consume too much energy and the lighting effects are not good enough. LED lighting, which can be the ideal substitute lighting products of traditional incandescent light bulbs have been widely applied in our life and industry. In order to achieve the best lighting effects, we need lighting control devices. Lighting control devices like LED dimmer and LED controller can effectively adjust the lighting effects. Different lighting control devices can be used in different lighting control solutions.

LED dimmer is the most widely used lighting control device. At the beginning, the LED dimmer is used in stage lighting. As we all know, stage lighting is in need of changeable light to create different atmospheres. For different stage performances, the atmosphere is important because the atmosphere can set off the emotions of people. Using LED dimmers, we can adjust the lighting brightness and colors.

In the lighting control solutions, LED controller is also playing an important role. Most LED controllers use a single button to step through short pre-programmed loops. RGB LED controller is intelligent enough to understand different color plates and generate colors in real time using a huge 8 million bit randomizer.

In addition to LED dimmer and LED controller, there are also other types of lighting control devices. The LED driver is analogous to the ballast in fluorescent lighting. The driver converts alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC) if required. It manages the incoming voltage and current to the voltage and current level requirements of the LED. Electronically, the driver is a small integrated circuit (IC).

Also, DMX controller, wireless DMX products and TRIAC dimmers have a wide application in stage lighting, residential lighting, industrial lighting and architecture lighting. Are you interested in lighting control? If you want to have the best lighting, you should use these lighting control devices in your lighting systems.

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