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Tell you the difference between Non-DMX Lighting and DMX Lighting

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  In fact, there are non-DMX lighting and DMX lighting in the home lighting control system. While many people don’t know the difference between these two light systems. At first, let us know more about the definition of non-DMX lighting. This lighting fixtures have their own on-board controllers. Many such fixtures are designed to react to sound picked up through an internal microphone. Sound-activated fixtures usually include settings allowing the unit to create effects when insufficient or no sound is present.

  Usually, you can find the application of non-DMX lighting in bands and DJs who handle their own lighting. Incandescent lamps are often manufactured to operate for a specified period of time before they must be turned off in this lighting control system. And it is necessary to use multiple fixtures to create a continuous show. Look for the duty-cycle specification to determine if a specific model makes sense for your needs. This is another advantage of LED fixtures—they have no duty-cycle limitations. Examples of common non-DMX lighting include beam effects, flower effects, and gobo projectors.

  As an intelligent lighting, DMX lighting fixtures are able to be controlled DMX-512 controllers. And a DMX-512 controller can help you to control the stage lighting effects remotely. When you want complete control of the look and timing of lighting effects. DMX fixtures offer more control attributes or ‘traits’ than non-DMX fixtures. And this lighting control system is very efficient and useful in the daily life. DMX-512 controller is the communication/cabling protocol that most entertainment lights and controllers use to communicate with each other. DMX acts like a post office. For control, you assign an address between 1 and 512. However, unlike your house, which only has one address, your fixture needs a number assigned to each of its channels. A 6-channel DMX fixture uses 6 addresses, or 6 channels on a controller. Each channel on the fixture handles a specific control attribute such as pan, tilt, color, etc.

  To short, DMX lighting fixture is an important part in the application of lighting. You can clearly know the difference between non-DMX lighting and DMX lighting. Afterwords, you are able to choose a suitable light system at home and create a comfortable light effect with DMX-512 controller. While, if you want to know more information about this light system, you can enter shanghai Euchips to get more message at