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PWM Dimming With Dimmer Switch for LED Lights

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Lighting consumes 20% of the electricity in the whole generation system. In recent years, countries in the world have published legislation and want to phase out inefficient incandescent lamps. Although inexpensive energy-saving light bulbs have been used for many years, the mercury inside the light bulbs decides that it will not go further. LED lighting is more environmentally friendly than the energy -saving bulbs. Also, LED lights have no ultraviolet radiation. With the development of LED lights, dimmer switch for LED lights has come out.

Many people are not familiar with LED dimmer switch even they have been using the dimmer switch for LED lights. Here I would like to tell you some working principles and advantages of light dimmer.

The most commonly used dimming method is PWM dimming. LED is a diode and it can achieve fast switching. The switching speed can be as high as microsecond. It is unmatched by any of the light emitting device. Therefore, as long as the power supply switched into a pulsed current source, the pulse width can be changed and the brightness can be changed, too. That is PWM dimming. We only need a dimmer switch for LED lights and we can achieve any kind of lights we like.

In addition to convenience, dimmer switch also brings a lot of other advantages. For example, there will not be any LED chromatography offset because the LED is always working at full amplitude between current and zero. Also, PWM has a high dimming precision because the pulse waveform can be controlled to a very high precision. So it is easy to achieve high precision. In addition, flicker does not occur even the dimmer switch is used for dimming of a lot of LED lights. Dimmer switch does not change the working conditions of a constant current source (step-up ratio or step-down ratio), more overheating problems will not happen. Finally, PWM technology can be combined with (DALI / DSI / DMX 512) control technology because the digital control signals are easily converted into a PWM signal.

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