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Shanghai Euchips Triac Dimmer Just Got Better

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Shanghai Euchips, a famous manufacture of China made high quality LED light products. This company has release a triac dimmer Walldim105. This light dimmer based on the main features of original triac dimmer and is suitable for triac driver with light dimmer switch. Walldim105 is an inherently driven LEDs that runs off 200-240VAC. The panel color of this light dimmer is  Ivory-white which provides a comfortable light effect to users. Operating triac dimmer Walldim105 in the light control system can save more energy and money. It can install in many devices, such as bars and school class room.

In order to dim the light better, shanghai Euchips organized a professional research team to continue this light research. This light dimmer supports leading edge dimming and basic light control. Moreover, triac dimmer Walldim105 is suitable for incandescent lamps, halogen lamps and other loads as well. The features of this light dimmer can meet many lights needs. Hence, people don’t have to replace the lamps at home light circuit. It means that if your home lights are incandescent lamps, you don’t have to change it and light dimmer switch. At the same time, users still can apply the older light devices and install the new Walldim105.

Sometimes, users prefer to a beautiful out-looking of the triac dimmer. Thanks to the light designer, you can receive a fashion appearance in the home. And people can choose a satisfying style of the light dimmer and light dimmer switch. Besides, the light designer make the application of this triac dimmer more easy to use. After the simplification of installation step, triac dimmer users can use it happier and quicker. In order to make its lifespan more longer, the designer apply ABS material and high flame retardant. In this way, users could save more money in the purchase of light devices. Meanwhile, it can save the time and energy in the replacement of light dimmer.

Shanghai Euchips is constantly committed to improving the top quality light products on the lighting market. This company has produced many light products as well, such as light dimmer switch, Dali driver and DMX decoder. People can find various light devices in our company and get a good performance of this light dimmer with efficacy and durability. Our company continued in the leading of light market and light technology. For more information on the triac dimmer Walldim105 or other light products, you can visit We are waiting for your visit and offer you the best after sale service. Don’t hesitate to pay a visit at our company, otherwise, your favorite products will be bought by other people.

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