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Some Basic Information about TRIAC Dimmer

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With the development of all walks of life, various dimmer switches appear and bring people more colorful lighting effects. No matter what the environments are, the dimmer switch can always create the perfect lighting effects and atmospheres.

TRIAC dimmer switch is one of the most widely-used light dimmer switches. Here is the working principle of TRIAC dimmer switch:

A TRIAC dimmer is a small semiconductor device, similar to a diode or transistor. Like a transistor, a triac dimmer is made up of different layers of semiconductor material. This includes N-type material, which has many free electrons, and P-type material, which has many "holes" where free electrons can go. For an explanation of these materials, check out how semiconductors work. And for a demonstration of how these materials work in a simple transistor.  

Usually, the TRIAC dimmer has two terminals, which are wired into two ends of the circuit. The TRIAC acts as a voltage-driven switch. The voltage on the gate controls the switching action. The variable resistor controls the voltage on the gate.

Certainly, in addition to the dimmer switch, there are many other light dimmer switches in the market. The types of lighting control devices are also various. For example, there are LED controllers, LED drivers and DMX decoders. All of these devices can help us create better lighting effects.

Firstly, the dimmer switch and other lighting control devices are used for stage. However, with the development of technology, TRIAC dimmer switch can be used for home lighting. In other words, each of us can enjoy the perfect lighting effects which dimmer switch brings us.

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