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Some Types of LED Dimming Technology

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With the development of science and technology, people’s living standards have been improved. People are pursuing energy saving and healthy life. Therefore, a lot of energy saving and environmental friendly products have been used in our life.

LED dimming technology is originally used for stage and show. However, it has been widely used in the home lighting and commercial lighting in recent years. LED dimming technology affects the working performance of the LED light dimmer switch. Here is the basic information of LED dimming technology:

1. TRIAC dimming technology
TRIAC dimming technology originated in incandescent lamps. In actual use, the incandescent lamps are purely resistive load. The internal use of the proper chopping technique can successfully help to achieved overall dimming. However, the compatibility is hard to achieve perfectly.

2. Linear LED dimming technology
The LED dimming technology is based on algorithms and hardware unified optimization. The use of constant current chip can effectively adjust the current and the dimming effect will be better than other dimming technology.

3. PWM dimming technology
PWM dimming technology is similar to linear dimming. Based on LED light dimmer switch internal algorithms and convergence devices, PWM dimming technology accounted for the most lighting dimming market.

In addition to LED light dimmer switch, there are many other lighting control devices used in the lighting control systems. LED controller and LED driver are another two kinds of widely-used lighting control devices. They can be installed in the lighting systems together and work together to adjust the lighting effects.

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