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Something New about TRIAC Dimmer Working Principle

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LED light dimmer, LED controller, LED driver and DMX decoder are originally used for stage lighting at the very beginning. Different lighting effects can create different environments and atmosphere. Therefore, the lighting control devices are playing an important role in the lighting systems. LED light dimmer is one of the most widely used lighting control devices in many fields. There are many types of LED light dimmers in the market. TRIAC dimmer is an advanced type of them. Here is the TRIAC dimmer working principle:

TRIAC dimmers are designed for resistive loads such as incandescent or halogen lights. They have a significant installed base in the United States and worldwide. Many people ask what TRIAC stands for. Here is the answer:

TRIAC refers to TRIode for Alternating Current. The TRIAC is an ideal device to use for AC switching applications because it can control the current flow over both halves of an alternating cycle. A thyristor is only able to control them over one half of a cycle. During the remaining half no conduction occurs and accordingly only half the waveform can be utilized.

When it comes to TRIAC dimmer working principle, it is not hard to understand actually. The TRIAC is a component that is effectively based on the thyristor. It provides AC switching for electrical systems.

As a kind of LED light dimmer switch, TRIAC dimmer has all the advantages which common light dimmers have. Also, TRIAC dimmer has its own characteristics. For example, TRIAC dimmer has good compatibility with other lighting control devices. The use of TRIAC dimmer helps save more energy and costs for maintenance.

In addition to triac dimmer, there are many other lighting control devices used in our life. LED controller and LED driver are also playing an important role in the lighting control fields. If you want to have perfect lighting effects, you will not miss the lighting control devices. All kinds of high-quality LED dimmer, LED controller and LED driver are available in Euchips. For further information about TRIAC dimmer working principle, you can go to

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