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Something about Light Dimmer Switches Wholesale

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You can't read easily by a single candle, for example, and a romantic dinner for two isn't so romantic under a 1,500-watt halogen lamp. The problem is that people need to use some rooms for multiple purposes, and these different functions call for varying amounts of light. Entering the dimmer switch, a handy electrical component, let you adjust light levels from nearly dark to fully lit by simply turning a knob or sliding a lever. Learning so much information about light dimmer, you might be interested in light dimmer switches wholesale.

Light dimmer switches are one of these everyday devices to find out how it controls lamp fixtures. As it turns out, Modern light dimmer switches work in a totally unexpected way and make the inner workings pretty cool and surprising. Early dimmer switches had a pretty straightforward solution to adjusting light levels -- a variable resistor. In ordinary resistor is a piece of material without conducting electrical current well -- it offers a lot of resistance to moving electrical charge. The charge has to travel through resistive material. As the charge works to move through the resistor, energy is lost in the form of heat. The problem with this solution is that you end up using a lot of energy to heat the resistor, which doesn't help you light up the room but still costs you. In addition to be being inefficient, these switches tend to be cumbersome and potentially dangerous, since the variable resistor releases a substantial amount of heat.

Modern light dimmer switch takes a more efficient approach. It automatically shuts the light bulb circuit off every time the current reverses direction -- that is, whenever there is zero voltage running through the circuit. This happens twice per cycle, or 120 times a second. It turns the light circuit back on when the voltage climbs back up to a certain level. That's the basic concept, but how does the dimmer actually do all of this? In the next couple of sections, we'll look at the simple circuitry that makes it work. Only two steps need to finish installation, which break the traditional tedious installation procedure and saves much installation time.

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