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TRIAC Dimmer Issues Related With Compatibility

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With the development of science and technology, lighting products are becoming advanced and a wide range of lighting control devices have sprung up in recent years. If you have not installed lighting control devices in your home lighting, you are out. There are many types of lighting control devices in the market. For example, we can buy LED dimmers to adjust the lighting brightness and LED controllers for the overall control of the lighting systems. TRIAC dimmer is one of these lighting control devices and they can be used in lighting systems for any places.

Though LED lighting has been popular in recent years, triac dimmer is often used in incandescent lighting. TRIAC dimmer suppliers often design TRIAC dimmers for resistive loads such as incandescent or halogen lights and have a significant installed base in the United States and worldwide. Unfortunately, these phase-controlled dimmers are not readily compatible with LEDs since LEDs do not appear as a resistive load. Therefore LED-based solutions using traditional LED drivers will not perform as expected with TRIAC dimmers. However, the compatibility of TRIAC dimmer with LED lighting can be adjusted.

TRIAC dimmer should be used together with LED controller and LED driver. LED controller and LED driver are two kinds of important devices in a lighting control system. The LED controller is used for controlling the orders of the lights and the overall lighting effects. The LED driver is used for driving the lights. The three lighting control devices often have good compatibility with each other and they can cooperate well in one lighting control system.

Though people have known much about lighting control, few of people know much about TRIAC dimmer, neither where to find reliable TRIAC dimmer suppliers. In order to find reliable TRIAC dimmer suppliers, the first you should do is inquiring about the reputation of the TRIAC dimmer supplier. Also, the production capacity and the after-sales service is also important.

Euchips is one of the most reliable TRIAC dimmer suppliers in the market. It provides all kinds of high-quality lighting control devices with competitive price. For further information, you can get in touch with Euchips.

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