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Take Your Lighting To A Whole New Level

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Intelligent lighting is popular in recent years. At the simplest level, you may just control the color of light to be lighter or darker. Intelligent lighting is awesome. DMX lighting control is a type of intelligent lighting control. DMX lighting control devices could also send a signal to hundreds of devices, in which the predetermined sequence program, or on-site programming directly affect the operation of the controller. This is basically how I spent my nights in college - sitting in front of lighting panel - moving, flashing, changing the club or concert lighting color in time to the music. While most of the concert, the lights will be pre-recorded and played back at the right time is simple. This will ensure a consistent experience.

If you've seen the house lights Halloween Thriller viral video settings, you should know that it uses intelligent DMX lighting control. What is DMX? DMX is a serial protocol, digital, one-way, and there is no error checking. It is reliable, but has been disrupted, which makes it unsuitable for harmful effects, such as fireworks (spurious signals or electromagnetic interference might accidentally detonate fire towers, for example). Like most digital cable, the signal quality degradation over long distances, and repeaters can be used to increase the distance, or the equivalent separate signal and Ethernet switches.

Cable itself consists of two unshielded twisted pair (though only one is when). Technically, the 5-pin DMX lighting wiring should be used, but some manufacturers have realized that it can run on a conventional 3-pin XLR microphone wired version.

DMX is not limited to just the lighting though. Basically, DMX is to save everything together, so that all talk to each other glue.

In a word, DMX lighting is practical in use. For example, LED dimmer, LED driver and LED controllers are all widely used in our life. For further information about Euchips, you can visit Euchips for help.

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