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Tell You How to Use LED Dimmer Switch

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LED dimmer is a device used for adjusting the lighting brightness by changing the luminous flux in the light source. The aim of using LED dimmer is adjusting the different lighting brightness and promoting the light in the average power to produce different light outputs. Though variable voltage device can be used for various purposes, but this regulation is designed to control lighting.

There are three types of LED dimmers: Pulse Width Modulation, Constant current power supply regulation and group control. Three of them are widely used in our life and industry. Though LED dimmerhas a wide application, people still need some instructions on LED dimmer usage. Here are tips on how to use LED dimmer switch.

Speaking of how to use LED dimmer switch, people should be clear about what kind of LED dimmer you have. For example, if you have a LED dimmer which is modulated by pulse width, you cannot use the LED dimmer as group control dimmer.

How to use LED dimmer switch is a large question to answer. The most important for you to pay attention to is that LED dimmer should be installed in a lighting system which has good compatibility with all kinds of lighting control devices. If the LED dimmer is not compatible with other lighting control devices, there might be some problems. Certainly, in order to avoid the problems, we had better buy the LED dimmer switch which is designed and manufactured in accordance with the international DMX512 protocol.

Apart from how to use LED dimmer switch, you might also want to know how to buy the LED dimmer switch and how to maintain the dimmer switch. If so, get in touch with Euchips as Euchips is a professional manufacturer of all kinds of lighting control devices. High-quality LED dimmer, LED controller and LED drivers are available in Euchips. For further information about Euchips and LED dimmer switch, please go to Here you can find a lot of latest information about lighting control technology.

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