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The Best Way of Energy Saving---LED Dimmer

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LED light dimmer applications can be found in our life. Watching TV may need dark light, while, reading could be brighter. These are mostly in the house. There are very few offices, shopping malls, factories, schools that install LED dimmer. All previous mentioned dimming the objective is to meet people’ need that people in different situation need different light intensity.

However, people merely know little about LED dimmer switch. So, at first, I will introduce its main usage. This product is mainly used for city-lighting design, stage effect, family decoration and media rendering. And LED dimmers are widely used to control the RGB LED lights, LED modules, LED panel light, LED to absorb dome light, LED ceiling, LED bulb lamp, LED wash wall lamp and LED lamp products. Then, there are three kinds of LED dimmer principle. The first one is Pulse Width Modulation. The second one is constant current power supply regulation. And the last one is group control. No matter how to control current, it can be changed to tact switch or a separate packet Switch (e.g. grouping, remote controller) to control the lights. After that change, the quality of LED dimmer is more reliable, and service life is much longer. It is necessary to do with adjustable resistance of lighting.

And what about the features of LED dimmer? Here are some of the LED dimmer features:
1. Enable to adjust the brightness of lamp by control system.
2. Using patent packaging LED.
3. Application for houses, hotels, shopping malls, schools, offices, hospitals, libraries etc.

Then, let’s come to the part of light dimmer switch applications. Since human realize that he must use thousand ways to saving energy, in order to solve the urgent problems of atmospheric warming. Hence, how to save the light has been mentioned in agenda as an important problem. Fortunately, LED is easy to dim light. The street lamp dimming is one of the most important parts of LED light dimmer applications. In general, street lamp beyond midnight is useless, so usually it was closed at 12 o 'clock or turn half brightness. But the most reasonable approach is based on traffic flow to control the brightness of the lamp, or even completely adaptive control of brightness. And in order to achieve the intelligent dimmer, it is actually very simple. As long as the region's traffic flow statistics curve into a single chip microcomputer, according to the curve of PWM dimming signal source, it can achieve the constant current driver.

In sum up, the purpose of LED dimmer is to saving energy. In addition, it can save money as well. Thus, in order to protect our only planet---earth, we should widely install LED dimmer.

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