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The Introduction of Various Light Dimmer Switch

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We always use a switch to control the light, but we do not know the professional name of it, that is light dimmer switch. And due to the various lamps, there are various light dimmer switches as well. The purpose of this paper is to introduce the different types of the light dimmer switch.

At first, there are many different light dimmer switches. In general, we are familiar with LED dimmer switch, remote control light dimmer switch and touch light dimmer switch. While that is not a professional classified method. Usually, the science will distinguish the light dimmer switch according to two aspects. One is operation mode, another is dimming method. 

According to the operation mode, light dimmer switch is divided into: the knob dimmer switch, touch dimmer switch, button dimmer switch, remote control dimmer switch and induction dimmer switch. While, for dimming method, light dimmer switch can be sorted into: Silicon controlled dimmer switch, PWM tuning optical switch, 0 to 10 v dimmer switch and Thyristor dimmer switch. Because the last classified method is too difficult to understand, then I will focus on the first classified method.

Next, let us come to led light dimmer switch. It is a light dimmer switch that invented for led lamps. And it fits the features of the LED light, and can make led lamps working well. Although, led light switch not belongs to any professional classified method. However, it is the most familiar one to us. Besides, touch light dimmer switch and remote control light dimmer switch are also close to our life. In my house, touch light dimmer switch is installed. And its effect is satisfied. What’s more, it is also convenient.

With the improvement of people’s living standard, people’s requirement of light is enhance. And more and more people tend to use led light dimmer switch for saving energy. Furthermore, remote control dimmer light switch also enters into people’s life. And smart light dimmer switch is also disappeared. Besides, Shanghai Euchips is good at this field, and this company has a long developed history.

All in all, if you want to learn more information about light dimmer switch, such as led light dimmer switch, I suggest that you can find Shanghai Euchips to get more as long as you like. And if you would like to buy light products, you can find various light products from this company, too.
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