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The New LED Driver --- DALI Driver

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The development of science and technology are rapidly changing. There is a new generation of lighting control protocol appears in the lighting control field. That is DALI driver. As a new generation, the DALI driver must have exceeded its ancestors. In fact, the function of DALI driver is really obvious. It uses Manchester coding format for transmission. And, it has the powerful dimming function of overall and grouping dimming, addressing dimming, various scene mode setting, query, and failure feedback.

The DALI driver links with traditional lighting fusion in the same set of lighting system, and it greatly facilitates the use of the user. In addition, it also could be used in the big building and factory. With the using of DALI driver, the users are more comfortable to work and study. It can save energy as well. What’s more, when the DALI driver’s power fails, it can increase the DALI expander dimming drive or power, to realize the unlimited power amplifier.

What’s more, many companies are producing DALI driver. They all said that their products are the best. But how can we choose a good quality DALI driver or DALI dimmable LED dimmer? Firstly, we should know the features of the DALI driver. This DALI driver is designed for energy saving, long lasting, and high quality. Secondly, we should choose a company which has a good reputation. For example, Shanghai Euchips is a long time and famous company. This company has a range of DALI Dimmable LED drivers. You can choose the suitable DALI driver according to your requirement. Once you made a decision, you will get more information about the product. Cooperating with it will not let you down. Finally, we should know how to use the DALI driver correctly.

And, how DALI driver works?
At first, you should understand DALI control system. It is consisted by control gear, control device, bus power supply. DALI control system merely can link 64 control equipment. And every equipment uses different address. Furthermore, Shanghai Euchips as a member of DALI organization has an excellent technology support. Its TouchDIM is a simplified DALI control system. And, DALI LED dimmable driver can direct use in the DC power supply. Then it is used to connect LED lights. Besides, it can control many LED lamps.

In sum up, DALI driver is invented to give more convenience to human being. We’d better cherish this new LED driver and widely apply it to our life.
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