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The Usage of DMX Lighting

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At first, DMX lighting was intended as a standardized method for controlling light dimmers. It has employed various incompatible proprietary protocols. With time goes by, it becomes the primary method to link light controllers to dimmers and special effects devices such as fog machines and intelligent lights. DMX lighting has also expanded its usage in non-theatrical interior and architectural lighting, such as Christmas lights and electronic billboards. DMX lighting can now be used to control almost anything, particularly in theaters and venues.

DMX lighting employs EIA-485 differential signaling at its physical layer, in order to connect a variable-size, packet-based communication protocol. DMX lighting can not check error automatically. And so,  wireless DMX lighting control is not suitable for hazardous applications, like pyrotechnics. A DMX lighting control applies to a bus technology with nodes strung together in what is commonly called a daisy chain. A network system contains a single DMX512 controller and one or more other devices. For example, a lighting console is usually used as the controller for a network of slave devices such as lighting dimmers, fog machines and intelligent lights.

Recently, there is a new development of DMX lighting control, that is wireless DMX lighting. With the invention of wireless DMX lighting, it is very popular in architectural lighting installations. Such this DMX controller especially employs a wireless transmitter in the controller. It has placed the receivers nearby the fixtures to send the wireless signal back to DMX lighting. This new product has benefited a lot to the factories. And the produce skill is also developed with the time goes by. What’s more, many factories would want to know which companies’ capacity are the best. I would like to mention Euchips to you for its long history in production lighting control devices and good reputation in the field of lighting production.

In the end, we have learnt some information about DMX Lighting and DMX Lighting control. And we also know a good DMX lighting supplier, that is Euchips. This company?leaves no stone unturned in the research and production of DMX Lighting. So this company is more reliable and famous. If you want to know more information of its product, you can enter into 
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