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Which LED Dimmers Should I Choose

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As LED lights have been widely used in our everyday life, people have been used to the convenient and energy-saving lights. In order to take full advantage of the LED lights, LED dimmer switch is used in the lighting control system. Light dimmer switch has a wide application in both commercial lighting and stage lighting. At the supermarket and on a live show, LED dimmer switch is the necessary equipment.

LED dimmer switch refers to the device which can change the light brightness and colors by changing the luminous flux of the light source. There are several types of dimming modes. For example, Pulse Width Modulation, constant current regulation and group control are all dimming methods of LED dimmer switch. Then which kind of LED light dimmer switch and dimming method to choose? We should take the following factors into consideration.

1. How big is your project?
If you have a small project that uses just one transformer, you don’t need a LED dimmer switch that can manage multiple zones. Instead, you’ll be best served by a simple mains-dimmable transformer, an inline or RF LED light dimmer switch. But for big projects, you will need LED dimmers with more flexibility.

2. What kind of dimmer interface do you want?
If you want a fancy wireless touchscreen dimmer, for example, then you can immediately ignore all wired LED dimmers. If you don’t mind whether the LED dimmer switch is wireless, you can have more choices. We have a wide selection of interfaces for your dimmable LED lights. No matter the light dimmer switch is wall-mounted or hand-held, you can choose depending on your preference.

3. What is the brand of the light dimmer switch?
The brand is often an important factor that can affect the purchasing behavior of customers. Usually, customers may choose famous brand because the famous brand represents high quality at a certain degree. However, it is not always the case. Compared with the brand, you should pay more attention to the reputation.

Now, do you know which LED light dimmer switch to choose? If you don’t know where to buy high-quality LED dimmers, you can turn to Euchips for help. Euchips is a professional company which has been devoted in LED dimmer and controller manufacturing for many years. All specifications and types of lighting control devices can be made according to customer needs. For further information about Euchips, you can click

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