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Widely-used Types of Dimmer Light Switch

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As LED lighting has been widely applied in our life, lighting control devices are certainly to be popular among LED users. As a kind of lighting control device, light dimmer switch can be classified into many types according to dimming modes. For example, there are linear dimming, TRIAC dimming and PWM dimming. The three dimming modes have their own advantages.

1. Linear dimming
Linear dimming is mainly based on simple voltage divider principle. The most important advantage is that it is easy to use. There will not be any interfere. Light dimmer switch in accordance with linear dimming often needs high compatibility and stability. As the output voltage is low, the security coefficient stable. Therefore, linear dimming is one of the most widely used dimming methods.

2. TRIAC dimming
A TRIAC is an electrical component that has two leads used to connect an alternating current (AC) and a third lead used to trigger the device. TRIAC dimming is often used in stage lighting control. As the voltage on the gate controls the switching action, dimmer light switch used for TRIAC dimming often has stable performance.

3. PWM dimming
PWM dimming is recognized as the most promising dimming methods in LED lighting control system. Dimmer light switch used in PWM dimming should have high precision, high efficiency and simple installation. As light dimmer switch should work together with other lighting control device, it should have high compatibility. PWM technology can be combined with (DALI / DSI / DMX 512) control technology because the digital control signals are easily converted into a PWM signal.

All these dimming methods bring a lot of other convenience to us. For example, there will not be any LED chromatography offset because the LED is always working at full amplitude between current and zero. In addition, light dimmer switch can cooperate with other lighting control devices like LED driver and LED controller. We can achieve better lighting effects if we use all these lighting control devices together.

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