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Wireless DMX Lighting Control Products Available

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Speaking of lighting control, we often think of the stage lighting. Yes, the lighting control devices like LED dimmer, LED controller and LED driver are originally used in the stage lighting fields. On the stage, different lighting effects can create different atmospheres and environments. The most advanced lighting control technology is the wireless DMX lighting control. There have been many DMX lighting control products in the market.

Before we learn about DMX lighting control products, let us learn what DMX is first. DMX is the acronym for Digital Multiplex, a communication protocol (a set of rules) used to remotely control lighting dimmers and intelligent fixtures. It is designed to provide a common communications standard between these lighting devices regardless of the manufacturer. Many DMX lighting control products are able to receive several control channels at once.

Wireless DMX devices bring us a lot of benefits. For example, as there will not be many circuits in the lighting control systems, it is convenient to connect different lighting products with different lighting control devices.

In addition to the wireless DMX lighting control devices, there are many other advanced lighting control devices in the market. LED light dimmer switch might be the most widely-used lighting control device. LED dimmer is used for adjusting the lighting brightness by spinning the switch. Usually, the light can be adjusted from full-light to dark. Therefore, it is very suitable for places like the bedrooms.

How about LED driver? An LED driver is analogous to the ballast in fluorescent lighting. The driver converts alternating current to direct current if required. It manages the incoming voltage and current to the voltage and current level requirements of the LED. Electronically, the driver is a small integrated circuit.

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