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Underground Parking, a Uncultured Gold for LED Dimmable Driver

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Underground parking is regarded as a uncultured gold in LED industry. With the highly rapid development of auto industry, new technology, new characteristics and new functions propel the market scale of underground parking. LED dimmable driver helps LED to realize flourishing development in future.

It is crucial for underground parking to solve lighting problems. There exists two points: on one hand, if the lamps are all on 24 hours, the cost of power consumption will be large. How to save electricity and reduce the cost? One the other hand, if the lamps are not always all on, the lights will be low, which is not only inconvenient for drivers parking, but also good for crimes, especially increases potential security risks for women drivers. Luckily, LED dimmable driver can solve these problems successfully.

underground parking

Firstly, traditional lighting lamps are replaced by LED lamps which provide excellent lighting for underground parking. As we all known, the great advantages of LED lamps are high brightness and energy conversation. Meanwhile, LED lamps can be easily dimmed and controlled and work with LED dimmable driver to realize further energy conversation.

Secondly, all LED lamps can be grouped according to different parking lines and parking space. Working with LED dimmable driver, LED controller, intelligent microwave sensor to realize automatic control and management. The whole system reduces labor cost and saves electricity. When there is no cars and no people coming, all lamps remain on at a low lighting level or all off. Once cars or people come, the lamps will synchronously are on.  After a little time, the lamps will de dimmed to the low light level or off when no movement be detected.

underground parking

The application of LED dimmable driver helps reduce the operating cost of underground parking and solve the practical problems. It is believed that its wide usage and strong functions attract many domestic and international enterprises who want to seize their own share of the cake in future.

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