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Create colorful and bright LED light with a matrix dimmer

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  In order to achieve various ways to driving the development triac dimmer, lots of researches related with this light device is starting on the route. In the way, it can get a good performance. After the installation of triac dimmer, the lighting control system can deliver the requisite performance with a relatively small number of ICs in the driver circuitry. Usually, you can find that red, green, and blue LED lights are used in architectural, display, stage, and automotive lighting control systems. This requires people use efficient and bright output light devices. To produce produce predictable colors from an RGB LED, each of its component LEDs requires individual, accurate dimming control.

  High-end lighting control systems can use an optical feedback loop, like triac dimmer to allow a micro-controller to adjust the LEDs for color accuracy. Adding a white LED to an RGB LED to produce an RGBW LED extends the hue, saturation, and brightness values available in the color system (Fig. 1). Each RGBW LED requires accurate dimming of four component LEDs. You can create vibrant and dynamic light from such LEDs, but the driver circuitry can be complex - two RGBW LEDs can require eight driver channels. Let's discuss how a matrix approach can simplify the drive and control of such systems with triac dimmer.

  In fact, there are many different ways to use LED lights for color and brightness effect. Besides, using triac dimmer to solve this problem in LED lighting control system. One way to drive and dim LEDs is to use four separate LED drivers, one for each color as shown in a two-LED system. In such a system, the LED current, or dimming, of each individual emitter or string is driven by separate drivers and control signals. In this solution, though, the number of LED drivers increases quickly with the number of LEDs. Any lighting system with a significant number of LEDs requires a substantial number of drivers and synchronization of the control signals to those drivers.

  To sum up, the application of triac dimmer is very necessary and important in people’s daily life. People still want to find a much simpler and more efficient method, which is to drive all of the LEDs with a single LED driver converter at a fixed current. While using a matrix of shunting power triac dimmer dim the individual LEDs for brightness control. The matrix dimmer and single LED driver shown reduce the circuit size relative to the approach. Furthermore, a single communications bus to control the matrix LED dimmer makes color-mixing LED systems relatively simple and compact, while driving high-current LEDs with accurate color and brightness control.