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The powerful communication center for professional lighting solutions with Dali driver

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  Dali driver provides nearly limitless potentialities in the application of lighting products. In this way, people can get a suitable light effect after the installation of Dali driver and LED controller. As we all known that there are many other parts plays an important role in lighting control system. For instance, remote control light switch, sensors, operating devices, electronic control gears and lamps. Those light fixtures all work together with this professional interface standard. Bidirectional communication w/o restrictions allow high end light management. DALI is a common interface for all components.

  Shanghai Euchips offers a wide range of Dali driver electronic control gears for fluorescent lamps, compact fluorescent lamps, tungsten-halogen lamps, high pressure discharge lamps and LEDs. With DALI lighting management systems from shanghai Euchips it is possible to create predefined lighting scenes and lighting effects perfectly tailored to specific tasks. DALI-based lighting control solutions from shanghai Euchips are also easier to plan and to be installed and have much greater functionality than systems based on the 1-10 V interface.

  Then let us come to the section of how Dali driver works. This type of light device is very important in the light control system. Besides, Dali products will work together with LED controller. With these useful light products, you can receive a good light effect and comfortable lights. Dali driver ble electronic control gears, offering greater functionality and greater ease of use. A maximum of 64 DALI ECGs can be controlled with a high degree of flexibility via a two-wire control line individually or in Broadcast mode and in up to 16 groups.

  At first, you should install the Dali driver  in the light control circuit. There is no need for a relay. Important information such as the lamp status is stored in the control gear and is available to the LED controller. In fact, the installation of this light device is very simple and easy. Next, the control circuit is protected against polarity reversal and can be routed together with the power supply, for example, in a 5-core NYM cable. The control line simply has to be rated for line voltage. There is no need for special cabling.

  With application of DALI driver, it will change the wiring way of the lighting group. The lighting fixtures are combined by simply assigning them to light control system with the aid of a LED controller. These groupings can be changed at any time. In this way, you can change the light effects into various kinds.