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Euchips Released a New Constant Current DALI Driver

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Recently, Euchips released a new constant current DALI Driver, pretty appearance, high performance and strong function. Let’s silently taste its fragrance.

a. Smart Size, available for special applications

The size of this DALI driver is small, which is very easy to hide in the lamps. Meanwhile, it is special for Tri-proof lights which have a high requirement on the dimension of drivers.

b. DALI Dimming

This DALI driver supports DALI digital dimming. Each driver has its standalone address, which can be controlled flexibly and accurately.

c. Security and Stability

The new DALI driver has multi-functional protections, such as overload protection, over voltage protection and short circuit protections. Several current levels can be selected by DIP switch.

d. Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection

The PF of this DALI driver is above than 0.9, which improves the efficiency of the power supply and greatly reduces the electronic consumption. High-quality chip and 1~100% linear dimming make lighting more smooth and no flicker. The lighting pollution and radiation can be reduced.