Easy Programmable Software, Strong DMX Master Controllers

Chinese Spring is the season of new beginnings. Fresh bubs bloom, animals awaken and the earth seems to come to lift again. Congratulations! Today, Let’s view DMX master controllers – DMX-X01, DMX-X02, DMX-X03.

dmx master controller 1

1. 4 External Dry Contact, Serial and TCP/IP

Our DMX master controllers work nice with others and access the external central control system, invocation scenario, etc.

dmx master controller


2. “Master-slave Mode, Interconnect 64 Master Controllers in a LAN”

Euchips new DMX master controllers adopt master-slave mode – interconnect 64 master controllers in a LAN.

dmx master controller 3

3. Free Customizable Software

Euchips’ free customizable software EuchipsX-DMX adopts innovations and ergonomic design and high-quality timeline which is convenient for you to control. The software is available with DMX series products.

dmx master controller 4

4. Easy & Powerful

Strong programmable software EuchipsX-DMX is designed for building lighting. It is very easy for you to control.

dmx master controller 5

5. Manual Touch Panel Control

dmx master controller 6

Post time: Apr-16-2019
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