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How to install a Single Pole Dimmer Switch by Yourself

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The single pole dimmer switch is a normal switch. You will use this dimmer switch when you merely need one switch to control the brightness of light in a single location. Usually, there are only two ways to connect a single pole dimmer switch. By the way, the installation of a dimmer switch in ceiling fan controller and timer switch use the same connection way. A single pole dimmer switch is only connected the black wires in the installation. Besides, you also need to buy some tools, such as manual flat-head screwdriver, voltage tester and cordless Drill. Those tolls will play an important role in the installation of single pole dimmer switch. Therefore, you must have these tolls before the installation. 

To save energy, people will choose a dimmer switch in their houses. This is a good way to create a comfortable environment in their living room, dining room and bedroom as well. As a DIYer, you should learn some tips before installing a dimmer switch. At first, you should buy a suitable single pole dimmer switch and read the instructions carefully. Buying a high quality dimmer switch is also important. You can find a high quality dimmer switch in shanghai Euchips. Next, you should find the circuit breaker and turn it off. It is really foolish and dangerous to forget turn off the power at the light switch. Then, you need to take off the existing light switch plate. And you need to use manual flat-head screwdriver remove the screws. By the way, these screws are easy to damage. Moreover, you should ensure the light current is off by voltage tester. Locate it to a light that is working to ensure your voltage tester is working. After that, you need to use it to test the light current of working area. In order to ensure the safety, hold the voltage tester in various wires which are leading to the dimmer switch. Finally, take off wires from old switch plate and install a new single pole dimmer switch. You should know that the black and red wires are connected to the black. The green is connected to the ground wire. After the connection finished, put the new single pole dimmer switch into the electrical box. 

To sum up, DIY single pole dimmer switch is a funny and relaxing thing. Do you know how to install a single pole dimmer switch after read this article? If not, you can read it again and again. Besides, you can buy a useful single pole dimmer switch from shanghai Euchips. Go to this company and learn more information about the installation of dimmer switches at

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