Join us on a Journey of Human Centric Lighting With DALI Tunable White

DALI Tunable White allows a user to change light color-temperature – including intensity – to their preference, within the same fixture. DALI Tunable white helps to imitate natural light which is aligned to the time of day and has been shown to increase employee comfort, reduce stress, increase productivity and creativity and even assist with better sleep.

DALI tunable white

Join us on a journey of human centric lighting with DALI tunable white.

Focus 1: Flicker-free


1.PWM+CCR, Built-in MCU, flicker-free, focused on the health and well-being of humans

2.Short-circuit & over load protections

The most common usage of DALI tunable white seen to date is in relation to what is also known as human-centric lighting. That is, lighting which is focused on the health and well-being of humans rather than simply acting as a utility to illuminate a space.

Focus 2: DALI Tunable White Intensity & Color-temperature Adjustments

DALI Tunable White Intensity & Color-temperature Adjustments

1.DALI standard IEC62386-209 Type 8

2.Intensity & Color-temperature Adjustments

Focus 3: Stand Alone & Built-in Drivers

Stand Alone & Built-in Drivers


1.Suitable for color-temperature spotlights and panel lights, etc.

2.DT8 – a single DALI short address

DALI Tunable white uses a single DALI short address to control 2 outputs on a special DALI Type 8 driver, reducing the number of both DALI short addresses and DALI drivers needed to provide this tunable white capability, saving on cost and complexity.

Focus 4: Common Uses for DALI Tunable White

Common Uses for DALI Tunable White

1.DALI Tunable white Circadian Rhythm simulations over time throughout the day

2.DALI Tunable white scene and mood recall to specific color temperatures to stimulate motivation, productivity and creativity

Focus 5: Authorized Certificates

Authorized Certificates



2.Meet the standards of power grid in Chinese & European markets

Focus 6: Easy Wiring Diagram


Post time: Feb-22-2019
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